angel Onkanon

A beautiful day, Onkanon is one of the higher angels, belonging to the family of angelic princes. If he is your guardian angel, then you have a higher goal in this world. He develops the flowers of love to open themselves and nothing is hidden. So he is mainly an angel of love. If you want to know what it looks like: it has blue eyes, light red hair, its wings are covered with feathers that look like a cluster of hearts. Its wings are snow white. The wing has 8. It is quite tall, although it can transform to a lower height. His task is simple: He helps lovers express emotion, promotes respect and good behavior. If he is your angel, then he should help you in the area of ​​love, because love in this life should be very important to you. It opens your heart and warns against those who would like to hurt you in the area of ​​love, or who think only of themselves. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's your thoughts or the advice of this angel. If you do not see or hear it, you can arrange a signal with it, which will mean either yes or no. Of course, you can ask him anything but time, Onkanon doesn't know.